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April 27th

IBM Connections Monitoring

That's right. VitalSigns does also Monitor IBM Connections. We look at you IT elements as well as your Business adoption. We are presenting VitalSigns for IBM Connections 28 April. Join us here, it's not too late. https://rprvitalsigns.leadpages.co/vitalsigns-ibm-connections-webinar/

We do extensive tests making sure IBM Connections is up and delivers excellent performance for the Business users. Beyond testing a wide scope of functions we grab very important metrics such as Activities, Bookmarks, Files, Forums, Wikis, Blogs and much more...

June 8th

New Whitepaper: The Top Five Things that can go wrong with an IBM Traveler server

There are five surprisingly common things that can go wrong with an IBM Traveler server that will lead to unhappy users. In this insightful paper learn what they are and how to detect if your IBM Traveler servers have any of these conditions.

The top five issues are: 1) Running out of HTTP Threads 2) Running out of resources and dropping into constraint mode 3) A Hung Traveler Servlet 4) Not noticing when a server has gone from Green to Yellow or Yellow to Red 5) Struggling to talk to all the mail servers that are required Learn how to detect and avoid these conditions. Get the paper now. http://rprvitalsigns.com/travelertopfive

May 21st

Got Nagios? Get rid of it.

According to Jonah Kowall at Gartner-- Nagios is great product, it’s free, you can’t beat that. The problem is that the level of usability and sophistication of the product is pretty much zero. Don’t expect any bells and whistles, or really any usability for that matter. The technology is rudimentary at best, but it can get the job done with the right skills on staff.

Many vendors have introduced products which make Nagios more usable, these improve the product itself, the supportability, and the fact that you can get support when things break. The problem is that the underpinning and ugliness still exist once you get through the layers intended to cover up the mess that Nagios is. There are still scripted “checks” which run to determine service health, the checks are normally challenging to manage, especially when some execute through the agent, while others do not. Other features added include better management, dash boarding, and other basic capabilities that you would expect out of the box with any monitoring product.   [Read the rest of the article on the Gartner site]

May 17th

VitalSigns launches new office in Bratislava

VitalSigns is growing again! We are delighted to announce that VitalSigns has expanded to open a new office in Bratislava, Slovakia. The new office is located in the heart of the city, at the Savoy offices of the Carlton.

At VitalSigns, we believe that successfully providing full service solutions for our client’s need requires more than just software and code. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our mission to deliver outstanding Monitoring Software, has earned our company the excellent reputation it enjoys today. VitalSigns is your IT provider for Monitoring and is dedicated to maintain and expanding its competences and expertise across Europe and other parts in the world in order to address the diverse needs of its customers. Opening our new European HQ office is in line with this goal. To find out more about our new VitalSigns office, why not contact our new Director of EMEA, Peter Lanak at peter@rprvitalsigns.com It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location in Europe with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us in other parts of the world.

February 15th

Alan Forbes to present at Engage user conference in Ghent Belgium

Engage user conference (formerly BLUG) remains the only User Group in the Benelux focusing on all IBM Collaboration Solutions. RPR Wyatt is pleased to announce that Alan Forbes will be presenting the session "Preparing your environment for a move to the Cloud" Tuesday, 03/31 16:00 - 17:00 > room:B.

If and when the day comes to move your environment off Notes and onto Office 365, IBM SmartCloud, or other cloud service, what do you need to do on the Domino side to ensure all goes smoothly? Having helped customers do this exact thing several times, Alan will share a couple of tips you probably hadn't thought of.

January 15th

RPR Wyatt launches a dedicated website to VitalSigns

RPR Wyatt, a Software and Services provider for over 15 years will position VitalSigns as a stand-alone brand as from January 1st 2015. Due to the success of the last 12 months, VitalSigns has reached a critical mass to become its own brand, with its own roadmap separated from the more Services oriented RPR Wyatt.

VitalSigns has evolved on 2 different axes; 1) the code and ease of use has improved so much that Customers worldwide, can now test it within a few clicks without any support required. 2) VitalSigns now monitors all Platforms such as IBM Domino, Microsoft on-premises and also covers Cloud end user Experience Management, such as Office 365. Besides Platform Monitoring and Reporting, VitalSigns covers Business App Monitoring, Switches and Devices. As where the roots of VitalSigns are IBM based, VitalSigns is now a fit for any organization dealing with IT infrastructure management, cost reduction and end user experience improvement. In other words, VitalSigns is now for everybody a fit. VitalSigns remains 100% owned by RPR Wyatt, with the same team. The only change you could see is that the team is more dedicated than ever to deliver the best Monitoring tool in the world. The new website for VitalSigns is: www.rprvitalsigns.com




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