A: VitalSigns is a mail server and messaging infrastructure monitoring tool, optimized for IBM Notes and Domino, that constantly monitors, reports and potentially corrects the status of every server or service your users depend on.

A: VitalSigns is installed on a Windows client and is a Windows based program that will monitor any Domino server regardless of the operating system.

A: Yes. The client you install VitalSigns on should have a Notes ID with administration server access rights for all servers that you wish to monitor.

A: You choose the time interval between scans. You can select a scan interval as fast as one minute between scans as well as one scan rate for working hours and one scan rate for office hours.

A: No. You may choose a scan interval combination for each unique device or service you elect to monitor.

A: VitalSigns will monitor your Domino Servers and alert you if a server or servers fail to respond. The monitoring parameters include:

  • Scan interval
  • Off-hours scan interval
  • Response threshold
  • Retry interval
  • Number of failures before alert
  • Pending mail threshold

A: VitalSigns can take the following action for your Domino Servers:

  • Delete dead mail if count exceeds x.
  • Load a specified monitored server task if it is not loaded.
  • Remove a specified monitored server task if it is running

A: No. VitalSigns has the capability of setting a maintenance window so that VitalSigns will not run during the time frame specified.




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