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Hybrid monitoring

Hybrid monitoring

VitalSigns excels at hybrid monitoring. Hybrid monitoring allows you mix and match any combination of supported servers, so it is easy to monitor your on-premise servers at the same time as your Office 365 environment. Hybrid shops also need to ensure that Active Directory is syncing properly between your on premise AD servers and the Microsoft Cloud servers. VitalSigns will check for password syncs and AD changes in hybrid environments.

Network Monitoring

Many organizations have separated collaboration Monitoring from Network Monitoring. With VitalSigns hybrid monitoring, teams and departments can now work closer together by using a one stop shop approach for their Monitoring needs. Collaboration, Cloud, Application Performance and Network Management can all be managed from one single tool. The different Monitoring assets can be split over different screens and therefore teams. Even alerting can be set up in such a way it arrives at the right team.

Office 365 Reporting

A growing number of companies need performance metrics around the end user experience of Office 365. These metrics can be fully integrated in a hybrid monitoring strategy.

Especially those organizations that are going through transition from one Platform to another or are going to Cloud, will find in Vitalsigns an excellent Partner.

With VitalSigns hybrid monitoring you can now Consolidate your Monitoring technology and costs and still split the Monitoring requirements over different departments.

Welcome to hybrid monitoring with VitalSigns.




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