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About Reporting & KPI’s

With VitalSigns our Customers can build a true IT Reporting strategy. Mutliple reports are available out of the box.

  • Establish the KPIs you want to track with VitalSigns. Each organization typically defines performance measures to help it monitor its operations. These indicators provide insight on how well the business functions. Rather than create a high-level view of a single data point, such as the number of support tickets handled by each Service Desk representative, monitoring KPIs allows managers to see overall trends and act quickly to resolve systemic problems.
  • Segment your data by specific criteria. For example, devices uptime by region, country and Business Unit to determine if there are opportunities to generate more uptime and reduce HelpDesk tickets.

  • View dynamic data, if possible, to make real-time decisions. For example, mobile assets such as IBM Traveler allows you to monitor Sync traffic.
  • Examine and filter KPI results over different time periods to determine seasonal trends. For example, identifying when mail delivery has most problems. Look for the famous ‘Monday Morning spiks’ or seasonal transactions increase such as before holidays.


  • Share KPI data among departments so each organization can plan effectively. For example, better plan your Server Maintenance timing. By monitoring KPIs across your IT infrastructure, you can ensure that you don’t make decisions for one department that adversely or unexpectedly affect another.

Here is the list of ‘out of the box’ reporting VitalSigns provides today. All reports can be scheduled and delivered by email. VitalSigns is always very interested in learning from our Customers their Reporting requirements. We will be glad to add your request to this list.

Reporting List

A list of servers by type


Server List by Location

All servers, listed by location

Domino Server Configuration Settings

List of All Domino Servers and its Configuration Settings

Category : Devices

Device Daily Average On Target Percent

Daily average on target percent for devices

Device Up Percent Hourly

Percentage of time a device is up throughout a day

Response Times

Device response times

Cluster Seconds On Queue

Domino Cluster Seconds on Queue

Average CPU utilization per day

Average CPU utilization per day

Average daily response times for a given time period

Average daily response times for a given time period

Maximum CPU utilization per day

Maximum CPU utilization per day

Device Up Percent Daily

Percentage of time a device is up on a daily basis

Any Statistic

Weekly report of any statistic

Category : Disk

Disk Health (by location)

Disk size and utilization by location

Disk Health

Disk size and utilization by server

Server Disk Free Space

Daily server disk free space

Disk Space Consumption

Average disk space consumption

Disk Space Availability

Free disk space – annual trend

Disk Space Consumption Summary

Average disk space consumption combined for selected servers

Server Disk Total Space

Total disk space by server (used and free)

Domino Disk Space

Total Domino disk space by server (used and free)

Category : Domino

Log File Scanning

A list of all the keywords that are scanned for in the Domino log files

Daily Memory Percent Used

Daily memory percent used

Database Inventory

List of all Domino databases by server

Domino Response Times

Daily Domino response times

Domino Server Health

Domino server status and response time information

Domino Server CPU Utilization

Domino server CPU utilization hourly

Daily Server Transactions per Minute

Domino server daily transactions per minute

Console Commands List

A list of submitted and processed Domino console commands by user

Monthly Server Down Time

Domino server down times in minutes monthly

Monthly Server Up Time

Domino server up times in minutes monthly

Potential Cluster Replication Problems

Potential cluster replication problem databases

Category : Mail

Mail File Statistics

Statistics related to mail files

Mail Thresholds

A list of Domino servers and the mail threshold values

Daily Mail Volume

Daily Volume of Mail Delivered, Transferred, Routed for Domino Servers

Category : Maintenance

Maintenance Windows

A list of all configured maintenance windows

Category : Servers

Overall Server Status Health

Server status, mail counts, and CPU information

Category : Traveler

Mail File Open Times Delta

Delta of the number of times a traveler server accesses user mail databases

Cumulative Mail File Open Times (by mail server)

Number of times a traveler server accesses user mail databases on mail servers

Cumulative Mail File Open Times (by interval)

Number of times a traveler server accesses user mail databases by time interval

Device Sync Volume

Total number of device syncs daily

Category : Users

User Access List

A list of authorized us




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