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Business Case Inspiration

Common sense and instinct makes it clear that Monitoring for IT is critical. Managing complex IT Environments, with massive changes in the Business, without insight or alerting seems just too risky.

But we still need to make the Business Case tangible for justifying any investment.

At VitalSigns we give costs 3 different natures:

  • Hard dollar IT costs
  • Soft dollar IT costs
  • Business Productivity costs

Hard dollar IT costs

Clearly, most budget holders look at the hard dollar cost savings. Understandable, but not very representative for a long term cost reduction strategy and lowering overall TCO. A good example for Hard Dollar savings with VitalSigns is, save time and do more with less headcount.

Soft dollar IT costs

By using VitalSigns organizations are able to optimize their IT infrastructure and reduce their spending on Hardware and unneeded licenses. VitalSigns contributes to a lower TCO of the IT infrastructure. Last but not least, VitalSigns is of great value during IT transitions, reducing risk and incidents.

”Increased automation in monitoring and managing can enable support teams to handle more Systems, more complexity and more technologies without increasing head count…”

Business Productivity costs

Downtime means lost Business Productivity. This can be from a simple small incident in one depqrtment al the way to a full outage corporate wide. IT downtime together with security is probably the biggest contributors to lost productivity. Beyond the productivity issue there is also a serious impact on the overall reputation of the IT department as well as the overall organizations reputation.


VitalSigns is your answer in reducing costs. Please contact us to see how we can help you build a Business Case for strategic Monitoring of Platform, Cloud, and Switches & Devices. All in one holistic Monitoring Platform.

Already have Monitoring in place? Reason the more to contact us for a cost reduction plan.





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