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Management Overview

Organizations are now more aware how their IT assets contribute to the organisation’s bottom line. However, with many IT transitions, CIOs are actually increasing the overall risk to their business by missing out on insight and knowledge. Without monitoring, systems could be on an operational limit with only a single power supply, a single link to data storage and a single connection to the network. With no capacity planning data you could be heading towards a shortage of resources or an unnecessary panic purchase of hardware or consulting. Last but not least, the perception of IT must remain positive at the Business. At VitalSigns we stand along our Customers to achieve our mutual goals.

“…maintaining a relaible system of internal control by which the directors and officers of an organization ensure that IT Monitoring and management has been put in place to protect assets, past investments, end user experience and the overall reputation of the organization.”

Todays problems with IT cost control

The IT department may struggle to make progress towards holistic checks because of the way staff resources and computing assets are structured or divided up. Some examples are:

  • Small firms: IT function is shared by non-expert owner managers and administrators.
  • IT resources grouped by technology stack e.g. server team, storage team and application support team.
  • Multi-tasking administrator needing broad and deep technical expertise, but struggling to achieve both
  • Outsourced operations: service expectations defined by specific service layer not overall performance

Some IT consultants believe that serious IT performance issues, process breakdowns and system outages can be disastrous in organisations with as few as 200 users or a 5-server infrastructure.

Analytical approaches enable an organisation to identify system improvements, repeat the assessments and develop a feedback loop to ensure such improvements are made and linked to continual improvement of IT operations. Above all, they provide the CIO with critical business metrics; the ability to warn of potential risks to the business and a statistical proof for taking proactive measures to avoid them.

VitalSigns offers a Monitoring Platform that will mitigate risk, reduce costs and will add value in your transition Projects.

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