IBM Traveler Monitoring

Your business runs on IBM Traveler...
You need the best IBM Traveler Monitoring tool available...

Why VitalSigns for IBM Traveler?

Traveler is just plain cool. End users love it.

HTTP Thread Limits

 If you run out of threads, the performance of Traveler plummets as the CPU is redirected from device synchronization to thread contention

Hung Traveler servlet

This will stop your business short

Bandwidth from Traveler server to mail server

Traveler servers talk with lots of mail servers.  Bandwidth can be a random problem requires proactive monitoring

Low resources means constraint mode

This happens more often then one thinks

From Green to Yellow or from Yellow to Red

Unless you are staring at the screen all day you will not know. Your Traveler users will probably know sooner...

Hello, my name is Alan...

I want thank you for visiting our website and looking into IBM Traveler Monitoring. I am responsible for the Traveler Monitoring dev team in our organization. We are proud to offer you the best IBM Traveler Monitoring solution in the market. Please give it it a try and if there is something more you need, I love to hear from you. Our best R&D ideas often come from administrators like you.

After testing mutiple solutions in the market place we found VitalSIgns the most compelling product for the needs of our Customers. The strong focus on IBM Traveler together with the individual device Monitoring was unbeatable. We are now a VitalSigns Partner enjoying fantastic service and Partnership."

Henning Breyer 
Account Manager
Beck et al. GmbH


Some screesnshots from VitalSigns Monitoring...

So now what?

VitalSigns for IBM Traveler is best tested in your environment to see its value. But if you are looking for a bit more information first, we have white papers just for you.

Trial now Domino Monitoring Paper

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